When did mom and dad sign up for band?

As I say all the time to anyone who will listen, "Without supportive parents or parental stand-ins, there simply would not be any musicians in the world and, therefore, no music." If you want to acknowledge a musician, thank their parents (or someone who took the role of a parent). If you like to listen to music, whether your thing is Beethoven or Bruno Mars, thank the parents who made it possible.

The widespread notion that great musicians spring forth from the ether of inspiration–let's call it the Mozart effect–is absolutely fallacious. Musicians, whether great or not so great, spring forth from the web of support provided by their parents. In fact, Mozart's father was probably one of the most supportive parents a young musician ever had even though you'd never know that by watching the film "Amadeus."

So, don't wait for a cloud of musical inspiration to lift your child. Get behind and push!