Listening links

Here you can listen to some of the music to be performed this year by intermediate and advanced students.

• Holiday Fiesta

• March from the Nutcracker

• Jingle Bell Rock

• Colliding Visions

• Midnight Mission

Cleaning and maintaining your instrument

Having a clean and well maintained instrument is essential. It’s also a health and safety issue. Please click on your instrument below for details on cleaning and maintaining your instrument.







Snare drum

Take your playing to the next level!

Here are some great places where you can take your learning to the next level. Just click on the link!

Peninsula Youth Orchestra (for those wanting an extra challenge)

Bulletproof Musician (how to perform better under pressure)

Go Bando (for all levels and instruments)

Clarinet Mentors

Classical Trombone

Hip-Bone Music (for trombone and trumpet)

• Flute World

• Nicole Chamberlain (for flutes)

Flute Fundamentals

Mystery to Mastery (for trumpet)

The Lincoln Center Jazz Academy (for all instruments)

The Complete Percussionist

John Freeman Trumpet